Why You Should Hire a Wedding Pet Attendant

Photo By  Sophie Epton

Photo By Sophie Epton

More and more, we find couples who are interested in involving their four-legged friends in their wedding. Whether it be including them in save-the-dates, engagements, bridals, walking down the aisle or acting as best man, we love the inclusion! We are huge dog lovers and absolutely fell in love with the idea of hiring a wedding pet attendant on your big day.

What is a wedding pet attendant you ask? A wedding pet attendant is someone who cares for your pet during your ceremony and/or reception. They assist with things like walking your dog, giving them potty breaks, and walking them down the aisle. Their services are unlimited to include assisting with photographs (which in my opinion is essential), acting as a taxi cab, and basically their caregiver for as long as you need.

We recently met up with Joy Viscomi, wedding pet coordinator, of The Pet Gal to learn about the business and how our brides can utilize their exclusive service. It can be difficult to decide whether or not to include your fur-babies in your wedding as you don’t know if it will be more of a burden than a joy; but, now you can relax and leave it up to a professional! Here are some fun facts about The Pet Gal.  

Q. How did you start your business?

A. It was completely organic. A client, now friend of The Pet Gal, was planning her wedding and she approached me and asked how The Pet Gal could help to allow her first love, Annie, a feisty yet lovable Yorkshire terrier, and Cornflake, the couples newest Golden Retriever rescue, partake in their wedding. After all, as we further discussed, they are family. Without hesitation, I said YES!

Our Wedding Pet Attendant ensured they were pottied and well exercised prior to the ceremony. She dressed and brushed their coats and walked both dogs down the aisle. She cared for Annie and Cornflake during the photo session, greeted guests at the reception and when it was time to go, she transported them safely back to their Round Rock home.

Kelly and Terance could enjoy their evening worry free and didn't have to rely on friends and family. They wow'd their guests and their entire family participated in their special day.I fell in completely "in love" with the idea and after further conversations with my business partner, Dan Schweitzer, we decided we had to make this niche service part of our growing business. Now, over 50 wedding later, we've hired a Wedding Pet Attendant coordinator and 4 Attendants. Dogs in weddings... what's not to love!

Q. What is your favorite part of your job?

A. Getting to play and bond with lots of different pets!

Q. What are some of the biggest wedding trends you're enjoying right now?

A. Dogs in wedding! I’m also enjoying seeing couples making the day their own. No set way of how things are “supposed to be”. Couples are doing what they want, how they want it!

Q. You keep pets so calm and happy during big events, what's your secret?

A. We do have a meet and greet prior to the wedding so that the pet is familiar with us and we are not strangers. We usually have treats or a squeaky toy on us. Who doesn’t like the treat lady?

Q. What is one thing that you wish couples knew about bringing their pets to a wedding?

A. It would be to hire a professional! Don’t leave the responsibility up to a family member or friend. They are there to celebrate you! Enjoy your day stress-free with someone who does this regularly!

Q. Do you specialize in weddings and events, or are there other services you offer?

A. Not only do we offer wedding pet attendant services, we do it all! We actually started out as a pet sitting and dog walking company. It’s only recently that we started focusing on weddings. Whatever your pets needs are, we have you covered. We offer in-home pet sitting. We will make sure your pet is comfortable in their own home. We even offer overnights where we will come to sleep at your house so your pet doesn’t have to be alone at night.

Q. Any funny stories you’d like to share?

A. I recently did a wedding with two pups, Kevin, and Miley. Kevin was very much a people pup. Miley on the other hand wasn’t a fan of crowds of people, she’s a rescue. They did really good walking down the aisle then rejoined mommy and daddy to walk out of the ceremony; the comedy was when the pictures were trying to happen. Miley managed to hide behind the ring bearer, the dress, anything she could. She has us all laughing!

I also have my most memorable wedding which was the first one I ever did 2 1/2 years ago! It was with a Great Dane named Roman. His parents booked us for 4 hours. After the 4 hours was up they asked for me to stay until the end with Roman, I was more than happy to! Not only was Roman part of the ceremony, he hung around the reception, took pictures with guest and even had a dance with mom. It was a wonderful first experience.

We’d like to thank Joy for taking time out of her busy day to share more about this unique offering. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, visit her website here.