Ideas for Your "Something Blue"

According to The Knot, the tradition of a bride wearing “something blue” on her wedding day stems from and Old English rhyme, "Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe"—which names the four good-luck objects (plus a sixpence to bring prosperity).

This custom may seem outdated for some, but many brides still incorporate blue accessories on their big day. Here are some fabulous ideas on how make a statement, be it large or small. 



The ever-popular, and my personal favorite, blue footwear! You can opt for blue heels or flats depending on how you plan on spending your time on the dance floor. Most photographers would agree that a glamorous shoe makes for a perfect detailed shot. Whatever you decide, be sure to take into consideration the height of your shoes. You don’t want to trip over your dress, nor do you want your dress too short unveiling a look you didn’t intend.


If you’re not prepared to make a bold statement, an inscription in the right spot certainly fits the bill. Many brides chose to add a touch of blue sewn into their dress, an inscription on their jewelry, or even at the sole of their shoes. Write something fun like your soon-to-be last name, your wedding date, or even “I” on one shoe and “do” on the other. If you’d like them visible at the altar, put your maid of honor in charge of adjusting your dress.


Another subtle look is to incorporate blue under the dress by way of the traditional garter. Blue lace, beads, or rhinestones are great options, as are including your (or your fiancé’s) favorite football team colors such as the Dallas Cowboys (Go ‘Boys!). A great way to commemorate your day is by ordering two, one to keep and one to toss!


A pair of earrings, with a pop of blue, are the perfect accessory to add to your ensemble. Not only can they be super fun and glamorous, but they can be small and dainty. Be sure to take into consideration the style of your dress and the ‘do you’ll be sportin’. Whatever you decide you can’t go wrong with an element designed to accentuate your gorgeous face.

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If you’re risqué enough to wear a pair of g-string undergarments on your big day, that is your prerogative…and good for you! Many brides find them adventurous and sexy while others may find them a bit uncomfortable. I’d personally save them for the honeymoon, but you do you, girl!

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Hair comb

The classic hair comb completes the look of elegance. If you’re searching for a look that brings attention to an elaborate updo, a comb will make your hairstyle appear more polished and will provide beautiful detail. As will a a beaded headband, a flower crown, hair pins, or even a birdcage dependent on your theme.

There are hundreds of way to incorporate your something blue. Whether you want to keep in tradition with the old rhyme, or be the unconventional bride, don’t stress about the small details. You will look remarkable in whatever you decide. It’s your day and you don’t have to wear blue if you don’t want to.   

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