Bridal Bouquet Trends of 2019

Flower trends are ever-changing. Bridal bouquets are fast moving from traditional to unique and more specific to the bride’s tastes and desires.

In this post guest blogger Hannah Flores of Madly & Love shares 10 bridal bouquets of 2019 to inspire you with all of the different textures, colors, and overall esthetics available to choose from.

1. Here is a more traditional bouquet in terms of color and texture, however, notice the way it cascades from left to right in a more fan shape. This look is ever so popular because it photographs beautifully and it allows each flower to pop up at its own plain and really shine within the bouquet as a full composition.

2. This bouquet is all about texture. Though the shape is more rounded, you can see many textures and tones popping out to give visual interest.

3. Two of my favorite trends are in this bouquet. First up, are the metallic sprayed leaves. Whether metallic or other more subtle colors, letting your florist paint some foliage can really elevate your bouquet to a whole new level! Also, I love using tropical leaves with more typical flowers we are used to seeing like roses!!

4. Something that can be breathtaking within a bouquet is something other than a flower. This Tillandsia Xerographica or air plant, was the perfect addition to this flower-filled beauty. If it was just flowers it would have been lovely, but the unexpected texture really takes it a bit beyond for the viewer.

5. This bouquet is a very fun, out-of-the-box take on a tropical-themed wedding. It has texture, it has unexpected and rarely used blooms (anthurium and orchids being two of my favorite). But more than those aspects, this bouquet shape isn’t conforming to any rule or standard. When planing a bouquet, let the shape form from the items you are using, rather than make those items form something you already had in mind...the result will be more natural and less restricted.

6. These bouquets are a great example of giving liberty to your designer. This bride gave me colors she liked and told me texture was something she desired, but otherwise, she said “go for it.” As you can see, nothing about these bouquets looks off the shelf or copied exactly from a Pinterest photo. How much fun to have an artist work for you on your wedding day and really let them flex their muscles on what they do best!

7. More texture and fun beautiful blooms in this array of bouquets. A must for this bride was succulents & there were over 18 succulents tucked in between each of these bouquets. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for something you love. If a particular florist doesn’t offer it, check around a bit more. I absolutely jump at the chance to add the unexpected to bouquets!

8. Tone is everything. As a designer it is so much easier to design with a tone in mind; muted sand palette or dark rich palette is much easier to translate into flowers than a specific set of 3 colors. If you just work off of 3-4 colors it doesn’t look as natural and it has an old fashioned quality to it. If a bride likes a specific group of colors I always ask about the tones around each color to confirm I can play with the tones and give depth to the floral palette I am able to get.

9. Roses. Don’t underestimate roses. As a floral designer I love to see variety as much as anyone, but roses really are special. They open beautifully, they come in an array of colors, they are sturdy and long lasting and they provide a beautiful backdrop to other more unusual flowers. When looking for a floral designer, please don’t lead with, “I don’t like roses” - we literally might never call you back, because every good floral designer appreciates a good rose.

Photo by  Jenna Lee

Photo by Jenna Lee

10. This bouquet ended up being a very beautiful fan- shaped bouquet with a few specialty blooms in it, but would you believe it is actually a very low-cost design. It is actually full of carnations and wax flower, as well as, foraged foliage from my back yard. It still took time to make and special care was given to each flowers placement, so it doesn’t look cheap in any sense of the word!

In short, floral design has taken a huge turn in the last few years. Many more designers are popping up that want to make art. We want to design something unique for you and we absolutely do not want to design something that looks exactly like your cousin so-and-so’s bouquet from two years ago, or just like that Pinterest photo you brought to the consultation. We see each bride, each flower, and each wedding as an event all unto itself. Let us create something memorable and fantastic just for you!

A special thank you goes out to Hannah for sharing 2019’s trending bouquets of the year. We hope these have inspired you for your upcoming nuptials. Check out her website and explore the possibilities of the several different options available to you!

Madly & Love is what dreams are made of for owner and lead floral designer, Hannah Flores. A childhood country farm life gave her a love of wild flowers, and led her to enjoy learning the art of arranging flowers into adulthood.