5 Tips on How to Save Money on Wedding Floral

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Planning a wedding can sometimes put a financial strain on couples. If you’re planning a large wedding, the stress is often inevitable. However, if you have a design in mind, a great florist can help you cut down the cost. There are many things that can contribute to decreasing the bill; for instance, instead of having large centerpieces for all your guest tables, have smaller ones on half of the tables.

We talked to Amanda at Blume Hause, wedding coordinator and florist, and asked if she could provide some tips on how to save our brides some cold, hard cash. She happily obliged.

1. As hard as it may be, cut your guest list down as small as possible. A smaller guest count means less centerpieces. Your centerpieces may not be over the top or "expensive," but when you have 25 of them (typically for 250 guests) that $60 centerpiece just became $1500 ++ of your floral budget.

2. Have a smaller wedding party. Same thing as above. You could have typical $75 bouquets for your girls, but for 10 girls that quickly turns into $750 ++ for just bridesmaids bouquets.

3. Put flowers where they'll be seen and photographed the most. For example, chair/pew flowers are not 100% necessary. The number of photos of the whole ceremony area vs the number taken up closer to you and the altar area is a big difference. Spend your money where it counts the most.

4. Don't try to halfway DIY things. Let your professional florist handle everything for you because they know the best places to purchase things and what particular design will work overall. For example, use the florist's pedestals for ceremony flowers. They know what can and cannot balance on it easily. We just had a bride this past weekend provide her own plaster pedestals on uneven ground. Even after taking the large arrangement off the intended vase and placing directly on the pedestal, it couldn't handle it and fell over and broke during the ceremony. Also the rented candles and vases from your florist (if they have them available) and 100% less expensive than you buying, hauling, setting up on your own, breaking down on your own, and hauling back home, than just renting them! We offer side by side price comparisons of how much money it can save you!

5. Its okay to ask your florist questions! First question I would ask is, "how big is my bouquet, centerpiece, etc. going to be?" It’s really hard to compare apples to apples between florists, especially if one is quoting you for a centerpiece like on the left for the photo on the right.

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Like all vendors you hire, be sure you have a good rapport with your florist, are certain you’re happy with what you’re ordering, and that you trust your florist has your vision in mind. Your floral decor is a reflection of your florist’s work and they provide nothing short of their very best! Visit Blume Hause for a consultation, you won’t be disappointed!