4 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth

People enjoy a great party and we can’t think of a better way to enhance everyone’s experience than with a Photo Booth! Guests love them and we encourage the bride and groom to order one if they’re not opposed to it. One of the main reasons we love them is it’s a great way to pass the time during cocktail hour. You know what we’re talking about. How many times have you been to a ceremony and then waited and waited and waited for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance at the reception?

It’s essential for the bride and groom to take their first photos as Mr. and Mrs. after they say, “I do” and patience is key for both the photographer and the happy couple. We want them to have fabulous photos after all. But, just because they’re occupied, doesn’t mean guests have to sit there and wait  (granted, hopefully guests have some yummy appetizers and drinks while they pass the time).

We talked to Liz and Garrett Armijo of 5050 Photo Booth and they shared some essential tips on why your wedding needs a photo booth. Read on!

1. You Get to Meet New Faces +  New Friends

A photo booth is the perfect experience to get your guests mingling and having fun. What better way than silly poses, and big smiles, to help introduce your guests to each other. The booth naturally becomes a great spot for your guests to catch up, or snap a photo with new friends.

2. You Don’t Have to Buy Personalized Wedding Favors

Seeing the joy on a guest’s face when they instantly receive their print is priceless! In today’s world where everything is digital, it’s a special treat to hold the fun photos right away. Did you know you can add a your personal touch to the photo strip? Ask your photo booth company about adding your wedding monogram, colors from your wedding, or even a sweet message to your guests! Their instant prints turn into long lasting keepsakes, and will be adored by everyone!

Photo by  Aria Productions

3. You Get to Create Lasting Memories

After your last dance, and you’re heading off for your dream honeymoon, the last thing you’ll want to do is track down all of the photos that guests took at your wedding. It can be hard waiting 4-6 weeks for the beautiful photos from your photographer. But what if you had a collection of amazing photos ready to view the next day? With most photo booth companies, all of the fun that was captured will be available to you digitally almost immediately! So when you’re boarding your plane, or checking into your honeymoon oasis, you’ll be able to relive the night through all of your great photo booth photos!

4. You Get to Show Off Your Unique Style

When planning for your wedding, you carefully choose your invitations, florals, and decor to reflect your style. Your photo booth should be no different! Get creative with your backdrop, props, and print design. Did you know that custom SnapChat filters, and personalized photo albums are a thing? It never hurts to ask your photo booth company what type of unique services they can provide!

Check out 5050 Photo Booth’s website for their wedding packages and contact them today to schedule a consultation!